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#D-770-Grizzly Bear-full head rug-open mouth-squares 81-has 1.75 to 3 nice heavy thick fur-lots of goldy hairtips on head with some gold hairtips over neck and shoulders with light dusting of gold down back with very black legs
-darker silvertipped bear-has real authentic blackish colored front claws-double black over black felt borders-(some of these photos were taken prior to applying the felt borders)-88 nose to tail

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D-770-i D-770-j D-770-g D-770-h
D-770-a D-770-b D-770 GRIZZLY BEAR RUG D-770-d

We always have a good selection of newly made grizzly bear full head rugs in stock. They are mounted with an open mouth. All our rugs have a double layer of heavy pleated felt borders and heavy denim backing. Our taxidermy workmanship is of the highest standard.

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