(real skulls-not reproductions)

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Grizzly bear skulls are collectors items. Measurements of these grizzly bear skulls is greatest width and greatest length of the upper skull, measured in a straight line with a set of calipers. 

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We usually have a good selection of real authentic grizzly bear skulls in stock, for sale, cleaned and bleached, ready to display in your collection. Grizzly bears are also sometimes called Alaska brown bears (which are one of many sub-species) but they are all the same actual species  with the Latin name of ("ursus arctos") commonly known as the grizzly bear. (There are over 30 sub-species of the grizzly bear.) A grizzly bear skull is an impressive addition to any collection. Our grizzly skulls or brown bear skulls, if you wish to call them, are all cleaned and bleached with hydrogen peroxide, and ready to display. A real authentic cleaned and bleached grizzly bear skull is a real collectors item and a great gift idea. If it is other predator skulls that your are looking for, check out this page: PREDATOR SKULLS. Any of these real predator skulls make a great gift.

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