(for carving or crafts or chandeliers etc.)

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    A grade and B grade - from $12.00 to $20.00 per lb. - We have about 300 lbs. in stock at this time  
    (now sold in bulk only) is a link to bulk sales... "BULK ANTLERS & MISCELLANEOUS HORNS"  

We always have a huge selection of moose antlers for carvings, available for sale. Moose antlers make great horn carvings. Moose antler carvings are wildlife art at it's finest. If you are looking for moose antlers that will stand upright by themselves, then check out this page: "UPRIGHT FREE STANDING - MOOSE ANTLERS". Moose antlers are also used for chandeliers and crafts. We supply both shed moose antlers and cut moose antlers for the carving, crafts, and chandelier industries, or just for the hobbyist. Moose antlers just by themselves, add a beautiful rustic touch to any decor. Moose antler chandeliers make an outstanding addition to any room. Moose antlers are used for all kinds of crafts and even for furniture. If you are a creative antler crafts person, then we have the moose antler that you need to express your talent.

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