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    MOUNTAIN SHEEP HORNS - Dall/Stone and Bighorn  
    (note that all dimensions and weights are approximate)  
    To view our selection of "sets" of mountain sheep horns for sale.
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Raw Stock - Mountable Horns & Antlers

We always have a good selection of real authentic mountain sheep horns in stock, for sale, for collectors and for the carving, crafts, and chandelier industries. We have thinhorn sheep horn, dall sheep horns, stone sheep horns, and bighorn sheep horns for carving. These horns make outstanding beautiful, nice compact horn carvings. Carved mountain sheep horns also add a beautiful rustic touch to any decor. Sheep horn chandeliers make an outstanding addition to any room. A beautiful sheep horn carving is wildlife art at it's finest. We supply the mountain sheep horn for these sheep horn carvings, and if you are a carver or just a hobbyist, we have the raw stock that you need to produce this amazing wildlife art. Both caribou antler shovels and moose antlers, also make beautiful horn carvings. To view caribou antler shovels, see this page: "CARIBOU SHOVELS" or to view moose antler for carving, see this page: "MOOSE ANTLERS". Any of these antler or horns make great carvings that add a beautiful touch to any decor.

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